The flag makers in Malta to rely on

We do flags! But not just any type of flags! The flags we have been producing are made from locally bought fabrics such as polyester, corded silk and other specialised fine textiles according to the level of flag formality and design you want on it. Besides traditional country and nautical flags, at Joserosand we also make flags for Local Councils, Government Institutions,

Sports Associations, Village Band Clubs, Religious Entities, Hotels, Banks, Scout Groups, private clients and different Companies. We also produce bunting flags in any material for restaurants, wedding decorations, birthday parties or other.

Flags in various sizes and designs

Starting from tiny boat flags to street flags or even facade flags, Joserosand does flags tailored to our clients’ specifications. Just give us the flagpole height and we take care of doing the flag size in accordance to it.

We also do custom-made flags or banners with hand shading and painting on them for the village feast and other Religious events such as Good Friday and Easter.

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