Hand painted flags for Maltese feasts and other special events

The love for the village feast is in every Maltese person, but for some it is truly a passion. Village feasts have been part of the island’s culture for many years and as time goes by, the artistic ideas for the street and church decorations don’t seem to lack. 

If you’re a passionate like us about Malta’s feasts and would like to have made quality tailored flags, traditional feast banners (bandalori), standardi, pelmets and other decorative ornaments, contact us!

From sketching the design on the fabric to the shading and painting stage, we give you a completed piece of local art.

Decorating Maltese streets with a detailed art for the big FESTA!

The village feast is an important annual summer activity which is aimed at celebrating the patron saint of the particular parish church. During the five days of celebration, the locals get to meet, drink, eat, enjoy fireworks and listen to the marching band while also admiring the pieces of artworks in the town or village streets and also on buildings and houses.

Joserosand has been assigned to create many of the flags, trofej, pavaljuni, bandalori (banners) and standardi decorating the streets, band club buildings, the Church parvis (zuntier) and house facades or balconies for the occasion.

Many of the external feast decorations we produce are made of a waterproof fabric. This helps to safeguard the various paintings of religious figures and other decorative illustrations we do patiently by hand from being damaged by weather elements.

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Pavaljuni for balconies during the village feast

Pavaljuni for the streets during the village feast

Pavaljuni for balconies during the Holy Week


Village Feast Flags

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