Restoration works on Religious statues and sculptures

We specialise in the restoration of old or damaged statues, crib figurines (pasturi) and other sculpture works of religious figures such as niches. 

Whether they are made of clay or chalk, at Joserosand we can repair and restore both small and large sculpted works of art. We can also repair monuments found in Malta’s streets.

Want to have a distinctive work of art such as a themed oil painting or a Religious Article like a Christmas Baby Jesus (bambini), Christ the Redeemer (Redentur) or other? 

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We do sculpting work from scratch!

Statue Repair Services

Religious Statues





Statues of the Holy Week

Personalised filigree accessories for weddings and other occasions

Our talented artists can create sophisticated creations with filigree, mostly known as ganutell. This traditional Maltese form of art is about doing artificial flowers from wires, thread and beads.

We have done original ganutell creations for weddings such as hair or bouquet accessories and also house ornaments, such as bulbs and photo frames.

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